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Welcome to the the Frame downloads page! All Frame tools and resources are available for download below.

Frame Agent Setup Tool (FAST)

The Frame Agent Setup Tool (FAST) is used to install Frame Agent, Frame drivers, and Frame tools on your template image. FAST is also used to keep the Frame components on your template image(s), Sandboxes, Utility server(s), and persistent desktops up-to-date, regardless of infrastructure or instance types being used.

Frame Agent Setup Tool1.1.4.2

Frame App

Frame App provides the same ease of use with Frame in a web browser with additional functionality and benefits not yet available with a browser-based Frame Terminal experience. Frame App is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Frame App for Windows (64-bit)6.16.0
Frame App for macOS6.16.0
Frame App for Linux (Debian)6.16.0
Frame App for Windows (64-bit)Early Access7.3.0
Frame App for macOSEarly Access7.3.0
Frame App for Linux (Debian)Early Access7.3.0

Frame Cloud Connector Appliance

For customers who need to manually set up Frame with AHV infrastructure. More details surrounding manual installation of a Cloud Connector Appliance (CCA) can be found here.

Frame Cloud Connector Appliance (CCA)3.0.3

Frame Streaming Gateway Appliance

Frame Streaming Gateway Appliance (SGA) enables organizations to grant their users secure access to their virtualized applications and/or desktops without the use of a VPN.

Frame SGA (AHV)3.5.0
Frame SGA (AWS)3.5.0
Frame SGA (Azure)3.5.0
Frame SGA (GCP)3.5.0
Frame SGA (ESXi)3.5.0

SGA Toolbox

Frame's SGA Toolbox is used to manually install and configure their SGA instance on their infrastructure.

Frame SGA Toolbox (Windows)1.11.0
Frame SGA Toolbox (macOS)1.11.0

Frame Workload Installer

The Frame Workload Installer is intended to configure BYO Linux with Frame.

Frame Workload Installer (Linux)2.0.4