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Advanced Displays

Frame supports multiple monitors and 4k displays. This guide outlines the considerations, requirements, and steps to enable these features.

4k Display Support


Administrators serving Frame sessions to end users with 4k displays can enable 4k support easily. Frame recommends considering the following before doing so:

  • Customers using CPU-only instances with 1-2 vCPU(s) should test to ensure the instance is able to support 4k rendering in addition to the apps/services running on the VM.
  • Administrators may need to increase the number of vCPUs for users accessing Frame with more than one 4k display.

Reference the table below to understand infrastructure requirements for supporting 4k instances:

Instance Configuration4k Support
GPU-enabledFully supported
1-2 vCPU(s)Not Recommended, Admin should test
3+ vCPUsSupported, Admin should test

Enable 4k Displays

4k is enabled by default for GPU-enabled instances. If you wish to enable 4k for a CPU-only instance, please review the considerations mentioned above and then enable 4K Displays in Session Settings.

Multiple Monitor Support

Multi-display configurations are useful for a variety of end user workflows. Frame's multi-monitor feature allows users to connect up to 4 displays at a time. End users may configure the display order as desired while in the session.


Frame App supports the Frame multi-monitor feature automatically. If an end user has more than one monitor attached to their device, Frame App prompts the user if they want to use all of their monitors. Frame Administrators do not have to enable explicitly multi-monitor support for Frame App users.

Enhanced Multi-monitor Support

Users accessing Frame from Chrome or Chromium-based Edge browser can use the Enhanced Multi-monitor experience with automatic physical monitor layout detection.


The Enhanced Multi-monitor feature is only available to users accessing Frame from Chrome or Chromium-based Edge version 100 or greater.

When using Auto Layout or Add Monitor in a browser session, the customer administrator or user must add as one of the Allowed to send pop-ups and use redirects sites, under Settings > Privacy and security > Site Settings > Pop-ups and redirects of their Chrome or Chromium-based Edge browser. This is discussed further in the Google Chrome Help article.

Refer to our Display Options documentation in our User Guide for details on how to use the Multi-monitor feature.