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Common Informational and Error Codes

There are inevitably going to be situations where you receive a code for either informational or error conditions. Below is a table that covers the most common codes and messages you may receive.


These error messages will show up either in pop-up messages during your session, or in an event log that is being analyzed post-session.

Error / Exit Code
TypeDescriptionFrame ComponentFRP Version
4000InfoUser initiated close to the session. This occurs mostly through choosing "Close Session" in the gear menu.ServerFRP 7/8
4001ErrorAn unknown critical error occurred on the server.ServerFRP 7/8
4002ErrorConnection rejected due to Unmatched Server and Terminal session configuration detected. Either the wrong data was sent from the Terminal, or the data was corrupted.ServerFRP 7/8
4003ErrorServer Send Buffer Overflow.ServerFRP 7/8
4004ErrorAn unknown critical error occurred on the server.ServerFRP 7/8
4005ErrorSimilar to 4004. An unknown critical error occurred on the server.ServerFRP 7/8
4006InfoThe end user is already in another session. This could be due to two tabs open on the same machine, or two machines sharing the same token owner (Identified email address).ServerFRP 7/8
4008InfoMax session timeout reached. This setting is set in the "Session Settings" section of an account or in the "Session Settings" section of a launchpad's settings (Override the account settings).ServerFRP 7/8
4009InfoIDLE Connection timeout. This occurs when a disconnected session has not been reconnected within the allotted time specified in "Settings Settings" for an account or launchpad.ServerFRP 7/8
4011ErrorError occurred in the video stream of an active session. Please attempt to reconnect and contact Frame support if you continue to have problems.ServerFRP 7/8
4015InfoThe end user or a script shut down the VM (Windows and Linux).ServerFRP 7/8
4018InfoThe end user or a script logged off from the VM (Windows and Linux).ServerFRP 7/8
4019InfoThe VM from which the session is running has been externally shutdown, or the session was closed remotely. This can occur from an Admin API, manual session close in the account dashboard, or through an expected Frame automation.ServerFRP 7/8
4022ErrorOn a domain-joined instance, the end user's profile failed to mount.ServerFRP 7/8
4023ErrorThe server closed the connection due to too many registered receive timeouts.ServerFRP 7/8
4024ErrorThe server registered an error in the receive thread.ServerFRP 7/8
4025ErrorThe server registered an error in the send thread.ServerFRP 7/8
4026ErrorAn unknown error occured in the FRP8 connection.ServerFRP 8
4027ErrorThe virtual display is not in the correct state during session start (Virtual display failed, or is not ready)ServerFRP 7/8
4028ErrorThe session connection to the secondary monitor/display closed when not responding to a change request.ServerFRP 7/8
4029ErrorThe session connection closed unexpectedly.ServerFRP 7/8
4101ErrorTerminal failed to connect to the server within the window of the allotted connection time (Connection Timeout).TerminalFRP 7/8
4102ErrorThe connection between terminal and server appears to have been severed by the network connection.TerminalFRP 7/8
4103InfoTerminal is attempting to reconnect after a disconnectTerminalFRP 7/8
4106ErrorTerminal failed to reconnect to a server after a disconnectTerminalFRP 7/8
4107ErrorSignaling Peer Timeout. The signaling server did not get the server peer ID within the allotted time.TerminalFRP 8
4108ErrorThe WebRTC ICE connection has been disconnected.TerminalFRP 8
5006ErrorThe WebRTC ICE connection failed due to network issues or a misconfiguration.VariableFRP 8
5007ErrorThe WebRTC negotiation process timed out.VariableFRP 8
5008ErrorThe WebRTC peer connection failed to connect.VariableFRP 8
5009ErrorThe STUN server could not be reached within the allotted time.VariableFRP 8
5010ErrorThe TURN server could not be reached within the allotted time.VariableFRP 8
5019ErrorFRP8 could not connect to either the STUN or TURN server.VariableFRP 8