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Frame Platform 22-01-20

Frame Console


  • Under Dashboard > Volumes, the created date/time and last used date/time fields are available in the list of volumes.

  • Administrator is not allowed to delete a production pool while another pool is being deleted.

  • Session ID and user name are added to the Session log dialog for each session.

  • Notification support for Publish and Clone tasks. Customers who configure Notification Center for email notifications will receive emails for these events.


  • Go Back button on the Task Info page returns the user to the page displaying the list of accounts, instead of Notification Center.

  • After navigating to Settings > Domain Settings, administrator is required to re-enter the existing values to clear the This field is required errors.

  • Under Dashboard > Users, when switching between tabs, Console displays an unnecessary warning dialog box and requires the administrator to save settings.

  • When editing SAML2 Permissions, the browser loses focus for each each key stroke as the administrator is entering a text value.

  • In Settings > Session, Keyboard Profiles are not displaying the keyboard profile in Chrome version 97.

  • Additional reliability fixes.

Frame Gateway


  • Notifications sent to Dashboard > Notification Center for workload VM start failures.


  • Optimized the GCP create/restore user volume backup process.

  • Reliability fixes and performance optimizations.

Frame App 6.9


  • Support for file download and upload for Frame App for Linux.

  • Support for Print to PDF feature using Frame App for Linux.


  • On session disconnect when using Advanced USB redirection, the workload Windows OS intermittently displays a fatal system error (BSoD).

  • For Frame App for macOS, changed default download location for Frame App updater to Downloads folder.

  • Additional reliability fixes.

Frame Terminal 6.9


  • Video player stream freezes on session start.