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Frame Platform 22-02-10

Frame Console


  • Ability to backup and restore a Frame account’s Sandbox, Utility Server(s), Persistent Desktop(s), and volumes (enterprise profiles, personal drives) to second Frame account in the same infrastructure type (Bring Your Own AHV and Azure infrastructure for this release). For Azure, the backup Frame account must be in the same Azure cloud account as the Frame account (same or different region). For AHV, it must be in a different AHV Cloud Account. (Early Access)

  • Administrators can specify the maximum number of automated persistent desktop backups that are retained.

  • Administrators can sort the list of user volume backups by backup creation date and time.

  • Administrators can specify they are entitled to Azure Hybrid User Benefit (AHUB) when registering an Azure subscription. All Windows Server workload VMs will be enabled with AHUB when provisioned by Frame.

  • View and set the Frame Account’s Deployment Group (Early Adopter or Standard) for Frame Guest Agent releases under settings.


  • Clear the search conditions when the administrator clicks on the Accounts menu item and display the list of all accounts.

  • Subscription status banner is not to be shown to Launchpad users.

  • Additional reliability fixes.

Frame Gateway


  • Support for shared VPC in GCP.


  • Reliability fixes and performance optimizations.

Operating Systems


  • Support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS workload virtual machines on AHV, AWS, Azure, and GCP.