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Frame App 6.12

Frame App 6.12



  • Support for locking mouse back/forward buttons while in session to prevent users from accidentally exiting the session.

  • Support to disable locking mouse back/forward buttons via command line argument (disable-mouse-lock).



  • Users can now exit full screen and kiosk mode by pressing and holding Esc for 5 seconds (previously 10 seconds).

Frame App for Linux

  • Issue where Windows key can become unresponsive in session.

  • Issue where Ctrl, Alt, and Meta keys can become stuck in session.

  • Issue where Linux error logs are not sent to Frame Platform.

  • Changing application name from Frame Native Terminal to just Frame.

Frame App for macOS

  • Issue where user cannot exit full-screen (Frame App menu remains inaccessible) after the Frame session is disconnected or closed while in full-screen mode.

Frame App for Windows

  • Changed default installation directory from C:\Program Files (x86) to C:\Program Files.

  • Issue where Frame App menu disappears if the specified Startup URL is invalid.

  • Issue where user input may not work in session upon initial session start.

  • Issue where session may display frequent “Checking Session State” messages when transferring data to/from USB devices when using Generic USB over FRP8.

  • Additional reliability fixes.