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Frame Platform 22-11-24

Frame Console 3.44.0


  • [Early Access] [GCP] Users can suspend their Persistent Desktop session and resume the session later. When the session is suspended, contents of VM memory are moved to storage and preserved. Suspended VMs do not incur GCP compute costs; however, the storage costs are incurred for storing the VM memory and persistent desktop disk.

GCP does not support the ability to suspend a VM when using the following configurations:

  • E2 VM family

  • VMs with GPU

  • VMs with more than 120GB memory

  • Confidential VMs

  • VMs with CSEK-protected disks attached

Users will receive an error message when attempting to suspend their session if using one of the above configurations. Sessions cannot be suspended for more than 60 days. If the session was not resumed within 60 days, the session will automatically close, the VM will automatically stop, and any unsaved work would be lost. Please see GCP’s official documentation for more details.

  • [API] Support for re-assigning Persistent Desktops via Frame Admin API.

  • Support for case-insensitive search within Dashboard > Volumes.

  • Notification Center now displays terminated Customer Entities, Organizations, and Accounts.

  • [Azure] Support for the following new VM Types:

    • Air 8GB (D2s v5)
    • Air 16GB (D4s v5)


  • Issue where the Next button is grayed out when creating a new Account with Customer-Managed Networking selected. The administrator had to check and then uncheck Private Mode option in order to proceed to the next page.

  • Issue where only a maximum of 18 master image templates are displayed within Cloud Account > Master Images.

  • Additional cosmetic and reliability fixes.

Frame Gateway 9.20.0


  • Support for the following Frame-specific Windows environment variables (and associated registry keys) within sessions:

    • FRAME_POOL_NAME: Instance Pool name (string value) that the VM belongs to as defined within Dashboard > Capacity.

    • FRAME_SESSION_LABEL: Custom value that can be set via an Advanced Server Argument (either within Dashboard > Settings > Session > Advanced Options or Dashboard > Launchpads > Session Settings > Advanced Options).

      Advanced Server Argument Format:

      -frame-session-label=<custom value>
  • [AHV] Lowered Volume bulk backup and deletion processing from batches of 50 volumes to 25 volumes to reduce load on Prism Element API.

Frame Terminal 6.23.0


  • Ability to automatically set keyboard focus to the Frame session on session start/resume without requiring initial mouse input within the session. This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled via the following Advanced Terminal Argument (either within Dashboard > Settings > Session > Advanced Options or Dashboard > Launchpads > Session Settings > Advanced Options)

Advanced Terminal Argument: enableAutoFocus

  • Ability to automatically reconnect to a FRP8 session when WebRTC ICE connection goes into a Disconnected state (e.g. client device changes network).


  • Additional reliability fixes.