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Frame Platform 23-03-20

Frame Server


  • Updated mf2server.exe installer to be more antivirus-friendly, reducing chance of being quarantined.

  • [FRP8] Enhancements to mechanism for reconnecting to the Frame control plane when disconnected.

  • Support for server-side mouse rendering to better support use cases such as the use of a 3D mouse.


  • Issue with session streaming when using Windows 11 and Windows 2022 workload VMs.

  • Issue where smart card redirection fails if smart card is already present in the reader prior to session start.

Frame Guest Agent 1.9.7


  • Enhancement to Frame SSO in terms of security mechanism for key generation.


  • Issue with AD domain-joined persistent desktop Accounts when the Promote Domain User to Local Admin feature does not add the domain user to the local Windows Administrators group on their assigned persistent desktop.
  • Issue where session scripts may not execute properly and environment variables are not set correctly as a result of Windows Explorer not being in a running state, resulting in operation timeouts.