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Frame Platform 23-05-04

Frame Console 3.55.1


  • New feature within Account Dashboard > Settings > Domain Settings to automatically delete the Active Directory computer object associated with the Frame instance when the instance is terminated (as part of the Publish process or when reducing Max Instances for an Instance Pool). Feature is enabled by default for new Accounts and disabled for existing Accounts (when AD domain-joined).

    • Prerequisites:

      • While this feature can be enabled, the Account must be upgraded to Frame Server 8.7 (scheduled to be released later this month) for computer object deletion to execute.
      • Service Account specified within Account Dashboard > Settings > Domain Settings must have permissions to delete computer objects within the specified domain.
    • Known Limitation:

      • This feature requires at least one AD domain-joined instance to be available within the Account in order to execute the computer object deletion. As a result, this feature is not triggered during the Account Termination process or in scenarios where Max Instances is set to 0 across all available Instance Pools.
  • Customer Administrators can now create new Accounts from the Customer Dashboard.

  • Customer, Organization, and Account names are now shown in the browser tab title depending on the dashboard the admin is viewing (including within the Sandbox session).

  • Max value for User Inactivity Timeout and Idle Timeout is equal to the configured Max Session Duration value.

  • New guardrails for enabling Application Auto Launch feature to ensure it can only be enabled if the Application Launchpad has a single application.

  • New default values for Autogrow Settings for User Volumes (Enterprise Profiles and Personal Drives):

    • Freespace Threshold = 0.25 GB
    • Autogrow = 1 GB
  • New default values for Autogrow Settings for Persistent Desktops:

    • Freespace Threshold = 5 GB
    • Autogrow = 10 GB
  • New feature to Cancel Test Publish within Sandbox page and Notification Center.

  • New Session Preparation Timeout within Account Dashboard > Settings > Session > Time Limits which specifies how long Frame will wait for user login and session initialization to complete before automatically closing the session. Previously, this value was set to 15 minutes. Now admins can configure this value between 15 and 60 minutes (in 15 minute increments).

  • [Admin API] Support search and pagination with Frame Admin API endpoint /accounts/:account_id/logged_in_users with the search (string to match), limit (maximum number of records to be returned) and offset (starting record to return with 0 being the first record) input parameters.


  • Chrome and Notepad are no longer onboarded by default for new Accounts created using a custom BYO image. Frame Explorer is no longer onboarded by default for all new Accounts.


  • Issue where switching between Account Dashboards always takes you to the Summary page instead of the corresponding Account Dashboard page you are currently viewing.
  • Additional reliability and usability fixes.

Frame Terminal 6.29.0


  • Modified message when a user’s session is slow to initialize.

Frame Gateway 9.32.0


  • Guardrail to prevent importing of the same BYO Network (VPC/VNET) more than once.
  • Guardrail to prevent creation of any new instances within an Account when Account is in the process of being terminated.


  • Reliability fixes.