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Frame App 7.0.21 (Tech Preview)


  • New architecture based on Electron (version 24.3.1) framework.

  • Revamped and unified UX/GUI.

  • New generic USB redirection architecture based on WebUSB (device driver must be compatible with WebUSB) and includes support for multi-interface devices.

  • Support for Google Sign-in (OAuth 2.0).

  • Diagnostics tools (WebRTC Internals, GPU Internals, Developer Tools)

  • Support for metadata logging locally and to Frame Platform.

Known Limitations:

  • No support for installation via CLI.

  • No support for centralized configuration (GPO, .plist, preferences.conf, etc.).

  • No ability to enable/disable auto-update feature.

  • Enabled for Windows and macOS

  • Disabled for Linux

  • No clear local cache feature.

  • No support for FIDO2/WebAuthn hardware authentication tokens.

  • [macOS] No kiosk mode support.