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Frame Platform 23-06-15

Frame Console 3.57.0


  • [AHV] The vGPU profile name is now displayed in the instance type tooltip under the AHV Cloud Account.

  • User Volume Autogrow Setting now supports a free space threshold of less than 1.0 GB and value increments of 0.25 GB.


  • Issue where an Organization could not be terminated even when there were no more entities (Accounts, Cloud Accounts) associated with the Organization.

  • Issue where Account creation fails when the user has the role of a Limited Organization Administrator.

  • Issue where the destination Account list is empty when attempting to clone a Sandbox.

  • Clarified the error message displayed when increasing the Max Instances (non-persistent) or Max possible number of users (persistent) results in exceeding the Max number of production instances limit that is set for the tenant.

  • Additional usability and reliability fixes.

Frame Gateway 10.1.0


  • Issue where AWS was returning a new error, in exception conditions, after a detach User Volume request was sent.

  • Additional reliability fixes.