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Upcoming Changes to Frame Support Systems

We announced at the beginning of June that Frame was spinning out from Nutanix and joining forces with Dizzion (more information can be found here). As part of this process, we are transitioning our support systems from Nutanix to Dizzion. We will be sending an email from with the subject of “Dizzion Control Center: New User Registration” prior to August 7, 2023, asking you to complete the setup of your new Dizzion support account.

Where should I create my tickets now?

Once you have set up your new account, you can access our new support system and knowledge base by going to Note: Your support account will give you access to both Frame and Dizzion product support. If you already have an account with Dizzion, you will not need to create another one. You can simply access the Frame-specific support site to file Frame and Dizzion product support cases.

What happens to my current open tickets?

We will be working with you to close out any items that can be resolved before the transition from Nutanix to Dizzion support systems. Any issues that can’t be closed before Aug 14, 2023 will be transferred to the Dizzion support system and closed in the Nutanix support system.

What happens to my ticket history?

We will import ticket history from 2022 and 2023 into the Dizzion support system. All tickets prior to January 1, 2022 will be archived. Note: not all ticket history will be available immediately and history will be updated as we import the data.

What happens if a case is created in Nutanix Support after August 14, 2023?

After August 14, 2023, Frame Support will not be working on any new cases in the Nutanix Support system. You will be asked to create a new ticket in the Dizzion system if you create a Nutanix support case regarding Frame.