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Frame Agent 23-08-31 (Hotfix Release)

Frame Server 8.7.13


Previously included with Server 8.7.12:

  • Ability to fallback to CPU-encoding if the GPU attached to the workload VM is not available at the start of the session.


  • [FRP7] Issue where excessive keyframes may be sent in certain scenarios resulting in session flickering and blurriness.

  • Issue where YUV444-enabled sessions do not work with newer GPUs.

  • Issue with printing to the Frame Printer if filename contains non-ASCII characters.

Previously included with Server 8.7.12:

  • Issue where a user is unable to resume a session after the authentication token verification fails due to a network issue.

  • [FRP8] Issue where parallel file uploads/downloads were unsuccessful. The files will now be uploaded or downloaded sequentially when users will still be able to select two or more files to upload or download.

  • Issue where the user may see a black screen when the workload VM contains NVIDIA driver version 528.89.

  • Issue where the video quality decreased while trying to maintain the specified bandwidth in Session Settings.

  • Issue where the session is closed instead of disconnected when Frame Server encounters an unrecoverable video pipeline error.

  • Additional stability fixes.

Frame Guest Agent 1.10.3


  • [AWS][Azure] Issue where FGA services may fail to start with certain instance types.

Previously included with FGA 1.10.1:

  • Minor reliability fixes.