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Frame Platform 23-11-02

Frame Console 3.67.0


  • New refreshed Launchpad experience featuring modern icons and streamlined UI elements to enhance overall user experience.

  • Added new error message if Max Session Duration is set to a value less than other timeouts values within Dashboard > Settings > Session > Time Limits.


  • Issue where SAML2 permission roles would repeat the same role details for all options in the dropdown menu.

  • Additional cosmetic and reliability fixes.

Frame Terminal 6.38.0


  • Users can now save their preferred microphone and webcam from session to session (if features are enabled within the session).
  • Improved error messaging when there are issues discovering or connecting to a webcam.

Frame Gateway 10.11.0


  • Issue where updating the network type in Dashboard > Networking > Network Type would not register with the platform despite showing a succesful update.
  • Issue where new (but not yet assigned) Persistent Desktops in the shadow pool are not terminated when max persistent desktop capacity is reduced.
  • [Azure] If a Sandbox backup (snapshot) is cloned to another Account within the same Azure Region, that snapshot is shared across multiple Accounts. Previously, that snapshot could be improperly deleted if it is deleted from one of the shared Accounts (either manually or when terminating the Account). Now the snapshot will only be deleted if it is not shared with any other Accounts.
  • Reliability fixes.