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Frame App 7.2 (Early Access)

Frame App 7.2.0


  • USB device names are more descriptive, displaying the vendor name and USB device class/subclass.

  • The Frame App menu bar is now hidden when entering full screen mode.

  • Users can now exit full screen mode by long-pressing Esc key.

  • Full-screen toggling is now synchronized across all displays in a multi-monitor setup.

  • [Windows] New log for the Frame App Service (used for Generic USB Redirection support) can be found here: C:\Windows\_System32_\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming\Frame\Logs

  • [macOS] Automatic updates for Frame App are now enabled.

  • [Linux] Keyboard redirection in Frame App for Linux now interprets the following key combinations:

    • Alt + Tab

    • Shift + Alt + Tab

    • Meta + Tab

    • Shift + Meta + Tab

    • Meta


      The above keyboard shortcuts are recognized exclusively when using GNOME.


  • Issue where device driver switching (as part of Generic USB Redirection feature) could not be canceled once initiated when exiting Frame App.
  • [Windows] Issue when Frame App is forcefully stopped (e.g. terminating the Frame App Service through Task Manager) any USB devices that were switched by Frame App to leverage WinUSB instead of its native driver (due to compatibility issues) would not automatically rollback to using its native driver.
  • [Windows] Issue where pressing the Windows key would, on occasion, open the local Windows Start Menu on the endpoint OS instead of passing it through to the Frame session.
  • [Windows] Frame App installer now skips the Visual C++ (x64) Redistributable installation if it is already present.
  • [macOS] Issue where gray bars would appear on the window edges when Frame App entered full-screen mode with the hideStatusBarOnFullscreen Advanced Terminal Argument set.
  • Additional reliability and optimization fixes.

Known Limitations:

  • USB mass storage devices are not supported with Generic USB Redirection. Please use the Upload / Download feature.
  • USB devices that require isochronous data transfers are not supported with Generic USB Redirection.
  • Frame App’s kiosk mode feature is no longer available with Frame App 7.x. This was removed due to security concerns as kiosk-type experiences should be configured at the OS.
  • [Windows] Keyboard redirection for certain shortcuts using special keys will not work when microphone functionality is enabled. Will be fixed in future release.
  • [macOS] FIDO2/WebAuthn hardware authentication tokens are not supported with this release. Will be available in future release.
  • [Linux] Auto-update feature is disabled by design for Linux endpoints.