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Frame Agent 23-12-14 (Major Release)

Per our Frame Remoting Protocol 7 End-of-Life Announcement, new versions of Frame Server and Frame Guest Agent will only be deployed to Accounts using FRP8 only.

Frame Server


  • Improved handling of KDS Server connection failures and retries.

  • Additional enhancements to session performance and reliability.

  • [Tech Preview] Support for new Session Shadowing feature which allows admins to join an active session. Please open a support case to enable this feature on your Account(s).

    Known limitations with Tech Preview release:

    • Only Account Administrators are able to initiate a session shadow.
    • While users are notified when an admin begins shadowing their session, there is no option for users to accept/reject the session shadow.
    • Admins shadowing a session will have both keyboard and mouse controls.


  • Issue where pressing Right Shift does not properly input into the session in certain situations.
  • Issue where in certain situations audio output stops working when using Ubuntu workload VMs.
  • Issue where Frame environment variables would not be read correctly when using App Mode.
  • Additional performance and reliability fixes.

Frame Guest Agent 2.0.0


  • Support for up to three AD Domain Controller FQDNs for domain-join deployments.
  • Improved error handling and notifications when AD Domain Controller is unavailable.
  • Ability to run system generalization without need for Frame user to be logged in.
  • Ability to execute pre and post-generalization scripts in the context of the default Frame user without needing to be logged in.
  • FGA is now able to directly enable or disable the Frame Credential Provider.
  • Default wallpaper is now set on session start instead of via FGA Playbook.
  • Improved error handling when the default user profile is larger than the newly provisioned Enterprise Profile disk.


  • Themida is now removed from FGA executables.


  • Issue where FGA updates on Ubuntu workload VMs may fail.
  • Issue when using AD domain-joined persistent desktops, the VM may fail to properly boot if FGA is unable to verify when AD Machine Account password was last changed.
  • Additional performance and reliability fixes.