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Frame Platform 24-01-11

Frame Console 4.3.0


  • Redesigned “card view” for Accounts and Organizations within Admin Console provides administrator with a heads-up display of key information.

  • Notifications and Tasks now have dedicated pages within Dashboard and Admin Console. Previously they were combined within Notification Center.

  • Frame SSO feature is now Generally Available.

  • When using Reset Master Image for the Sandbox, admin is now presented option to select a specific Master Image to reset to.

  • Ability to set new Shutdown Timeout for Sandbox which specifies how long, after a Sandbox is powered on (with no active or disconnected session), it will remain on before automatically powering off. Default is 60 minutes.


  • After Publish completes, Sandbox backup list is not automatically refreshed.

  • [GCP] Issue when attempting to resume a suspended session with new Launchpad experience fails.

  • Additional cosmetic and reliability fixes.

Frame Terminal 6.41.0


  • Minor enhancement to session time calculation and rendering within Frame Status Bar.

Frame Gateway 11.3.0


  • Ability to detach User Volume when a restore of the same User Volume from backup is in progress.


  • Issue when restoring a User Volume from backup when the User Volume itself is deleted may result in two User Volumes linked to the same user.
  • [AHV] Issue where a VM termination request may be unexpectedly executed in scenarios where the Frame Guest Agent on the VM loses connectivity to the Frame control plane, even when there is an active session on the VM. VM should only terminate when there is no user in-session.
  • Issue where default backup success status is set to true for Persistent Desktops and User Volumes resulting in backup showing as successful even before the first backup is complete.
  • Additional reliability fixes.