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Frame Platform 24-01-25

Frame Console 4.4.0


  • Ability to initiate backup of multiple User Volumes and Persistent Desktops simultaneously.
  • Changed default date range to 1 day for Session Trail and 7 days for Audit Trail.
  • Ability to set new Shutdown Timeout at the Account level which will apply to all Instance Pool VMs and Persistent Desktop VMs.

Shutdown Timeout specifies how long after a VM is powered on (with no active or disconnected session), will remain on before automatically powering off (for example, after a Publish). Default is 60 minutes. Please be aware that changing this value will impact infrastructure usage. For Persistent Desktop Accounts, this value will also determine how long Persistent Desktops remain powered on when using the Wake Up Instances feature.

  • Added minimum (5 minutes) and maximum (43200 minutes) value thresholds to the Shutdown Timeout setting for Sandbox.


  • Issue where master image name is not shown in Sandbox when using BYO Master Image.
  • Issue where moving the position of a Launchpad to the left or right within the Launchpad page does not work as expected.
  • Additional cosmetic and reliability fixes.

Frame Gateway 11.4.0


  • Issue when restoring Sandbox from a backup that is not generalized (Sysprep) and Active Directory domain-join is enabled for the Account, Frame would previously not automatically generalize the VM as part of the next Publish. This is now fixed.
  • Additional reliability fixes.

Frame Identity Management Gateway 5.0.4


  • Optimization and reliability fixes.