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Frame Agent 24-05-21 (Major Release)

Frame Server 9.1.0


  • Rich text and image copy/paste functionality for accounts using "Tech Preview" Terminal build version.

  • Support for new AMD GPU cards and the latest Advanced Media Framework (AMF) for applicable infrastructure providers:

    • [Azure]: Azure NGadsV620 family (AMD Radeon Pro v620)
    • [AWS]: G4ad family (AMD Radeon Pro V520)
  • Multi-monitor support for Linux/Ubuntu instances.

  • Stabilization and performance improvements.


  • Issue where sessions were not streaming at full resolution in full screen mode, resulting in gray bars on either side of the display. Frame now fully utilizes the entire client monitor(s).

Frame Guest Agent 2.1.0


Per our previous announcement on March 7, 2024, this version of Frame Guest Agent is now running on .NET 8.0 and will install .NET 8.0.1 Runtime to execute, if necessary.


  • Support for IBM Cloud VPC.
  • Persistent machines (Sandbox, Utility, and Persistent desktops) will now send information on pending Windows updates at every boot.
  • Windows session suspension can now be requested on Persistent desktops for any cloud provider when idle timeout is reached.
  • FGA will now report if an instance was rebooted due to BSOD via Notification Center in the Frame Console.
  • Administrators may now update a computer name on pure Microsoft Entra joined devices.
  • Added debug start for Ubuntu machines, allowing SSH access with a username and password. After a reboot following a debug session, SSH access is disabled.
  • Stabilization and performance improvements.


  • Fixed an issue where switching from Timefreeze (TF) to OFS was problematic if TF had been previously uninstalled. This update ensures proper functionality for stateless and OFS-enabled VMs.