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Customers wishing to subscribe to Frame (Commercial) may choose from one of the following two subscription types:

  • Named user subscriptions
  • Max concurrent user subscriptions

Both subscription types require a 5 user minimum purchase.

Named User Subscription

Named user (NU) subscriptions are based on the number of unique users that log into Frame (across all Organizations and across all Accounts within a customer's tenant) during a Monthly Billing Cycle (MBC). For each MBC, the subset of unique users can be different. In Frame, a unique user is defined as a user who has authenticated to a specific, customer-configured identity provider with an email address. If the customer configures two identity providers and the user logs into Frame using both identity providers (even with the same email address) in a MBC, the user will be counted as two unique users.


As a best practice, customers who purchase named user subscriptions should have each user authenticate to only one identity provider to access Frame. Otherwise, if a user authenticates to more than one identity provider (even using the same email address), customers risk having that user consume more than one named user subscription in a MBC.

Max Concurrent User Subscription

Maximum concurrent user (MCU) subscriptions define the maximum number of users that can connect concurrently to Frame workload VMs in a Monthly Billing Cycle (MBC). Since each user is assigned their own non-persistent workload VM for the life of their session or a dedicated persistent desktop, the maximum number of concurrent user subscriptions is equal to the maximum number of workload VMs provisioned in all test and production pools in all Frame Accounts, under all Organizations for the customer.