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Frame Platform 22-05-12

Frame Console 3.30


  • Added new column “Volume Type” under Volumes > Backups with possible values of Profile (Enterprise Profile backup) or Personal Drive (Personal Drive backup).

  • Expose the ability to list the installed software on a stateful (Sandbox, Utility Server, Persistent Desktop) workload VM for workload VMs on AHV, AWS, and Azure.


  • Issue where after adding one or more regions to a public cloud account, the administrator must reload the web page before the added regions are listed.

  • Issue where the already added regions and placeholder text are displayed together in the Add regions window. Placeholder text “Select regions” will only be visible if there are no regions already added.

  • Issue where Frame Account hierarchy of the current Launchpad is appended to hierarchy of previous Launchpad when switching between Launchpads.

  • Issue where Change Azure Credentials window does not display the correct status after the administrator submits new and valid Azure credentials.

  • Fixed issue with renaming Utility Servers.

  • Additional reliability and usability fixes.

Frame Gateway 9.5.0


  • Error message when customers using AWS infrastructure create reservations for EC2 VMs in the AWS Console that conflict with Frame’s ability to orchestrate AWS workloads.


  • Additional reliability fixes.