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Your journey to mastering digital workspaces with Dizzion begins here. Our documentation site provides comprehensive guidance on Dizzion's platforms:


Frame is Dizzion's cloud-native, hybrid and multi-cloud, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) platform. Frame enables our customers to simply and quickly deliver Windows and Linux apps and desktops to users globally using any device with a browser. With Frame's control plane hosted as a service, customers can deploy their Frame VMs on their public or private cloud of choice including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud VPC, Microsoft Azure, and Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure.

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C3 is Dizzion's cloud-native automation and self-service platform for our managed Horizon VDI deployments. Customers can manage their VMs, monitor and gain valuable insights into their environment, submit support requests, and manage their maintenance schedules from a single interface. C3 also provides authentication for all Dizzion customers to our customer support portal.

Find focused support within our succinct C3-SaaS guide, designed to get managed customers started on navigating and utilizing the control center with ease.

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