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This portion of our documentation describes the Frame-supported infrastructure options and detailed guides for bringing your own (BYO) infrastructure to the platform. You may use the links below or in the sidebar to navigate to your desired subject.

BYO Infrastructure and Monitoring Responsibility

When you add your own BYO infrastructure (AHV Cluster or public cloud account), you acknowledge and agree that you are configuring your infrastructure(s) for use by Frame services. For public cloud accounts, this will incur costs for infrastructure regardless of whether end users are using the infrastructure or not and whether the usage is intentionally, unintentionally, or accidentally consumed.

While Frame provides automated orchestration of Frame resources within your BYO infrastructure, per Frame EULA, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that any resources deployed within your BYO infrastructure(s) are accurately maintained (Your Content). Frame strongly recommends that proper monitoring and alerting of your BYO infrastructure(s) is implemented and utilized on a regular basis. Any inaccuracies should be reported to Frame via a support case as soon as possible.

Microsoft Windows Licensing

Frame Frame recommends customers review our Microsoft Licensing Guide for Frame as part of the infrastructure selection and configuration process.