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Cost Management

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers supply the underlying infrastructure (compute, storage, network) resources that power Frame accounts. You are expected to understand when and under what conditions you are charged for use of these resources. The primary cost drivers for IaaS usage are described in the following table.

Public Cloud ResourceCostCost Best Practices
Virtual machinesCharged when VM instances are powered onKeep VMs off unless absolutely needed. Use Frame Active Capacity min and buffer or Frame Admin API endpoints to manage when VMs are powered on.
StorageCharged when storage is usedKeep Sandbox disk size small unless there is a need to increase disk size for applications and user files. Regularly review the number of Sandbox, Utility server, profile disk, and personal drive backups to keep what is absolutely necessary.
See also
  • Our Capacity Management documentation provides more information about managing your usage and conserving infrastructure costs.
  • Our Analytics documentation discusses how to interpret usage trends through the Frame interface.