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Frame Platform 22-09-01

Frame Console 3.38.0


  • Ability to share and revoke Shared VPCs from one GCP cloud account to another GCP cloud account, under Cloud Services at a Customer or Organization level (requires a Shared VPC to be configured in GCP Console).

  • Frame Admin API endpoint to unassign an assigned persistent desktop.


  • Issue where user profiles and personal drive options appeared to be available for Linux workload VMs.

  • Issue where, if an admin uploaded a custom Launchpad background in Dashboard that exceeded the file size limit, the UI would not provide a reason why the upload failed.

  • Issue where Dashboard does not explain that an attempt to increase the Sandbox disk size beyond the maximum allowed disk size is not allowed.

  • Changed the Unassign Persistent Desktop dialog box “Save” button to “Unassign” for clarity.

  • Changed the Generic USB Redirection toggle under Session Settings to USB Redirection.

  • Changed the labels in the Keyboard Profiles configuration window for clarity.

  • Issue where successful backups do not appear in Dashboard > Volumes > Backups unless the entire web page is refreshed.

  • Issue where the volume backups created by the Backup All Volumes option were classified as Auto backups instead of Manual backups.

  • Issue where the Volume Backup “Created At” time was incorrect as the time was displayed with the local timezone of the browser but the time was in UTC.

  • Additional cosmetic and reliability fixes.

Frame Gateway 9.13.0


  • For the generic server error (“Unrecoverable error starting server”), notifications at Customer and Organization entity levels now include the cloud account, Frame account, and machine names.

  • When a Publish fails or a Frame account is terminated, Frame Gateway will verify that there are no orphaned VMs or volumes that were previously provisioned for that Frame account.