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Frame Platform 22-09-29

Frame Console 3.40.0


  • [AHV] Ability to clone Persistent Desktops from one Account to another. Accounts can be deployed on different Cloud Accounts (AHV Clusters).

  • Ability for administrators to select whether times within Frame Console are displayed in UTC or their local time zone. Exception is that times within Analytics will always be shown in UTC and time zones within Capacity will remain configurable. Administrators will be able to configure this setting within Profile > Preferences > Time Display.

  • Ability to configure max number of Sandbox Publish Backups retained within Dashboard > Sandbox > Backups > Backups Settings.

  • Improved error handling for errors related to Account creation.


  • Issue where date range selector filters by local time zone instead of UTC.

  • Issue where saving Initial Profile Size within Dashboard > Settings > Profiles results in an error if the value is unchanged from previous value.

  • Issue where attempting to sort a column within Notification Center results in an error.

  • Issue where scheduled Volume Backups still process even if associated User Volumes (Enterprise Profiles or Personal Drives) are disabled.

  • Additional cosmetic and reliability fixes.

Frame Gateway 9.15.0


  • Issue where available public cloud regions are not returned alphabetically in API response.

  • Additional reliability fixes.