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Frame Platform 23-04-20

Frame Console 3.54.0


  • Redesigned Admin Console to match the Account Dashboard look and feel. Viewing your Account list, creating new Accounts/Organizations, modifying Customer and Organization settings, etc. can now be done within the new Customer Dashboard and Organization Dashboard.
  • AWS GovCloud is now a supported cloud provider.
  • Renamed Max Bandwidth to Max Video Bitrate within Settings > Session > Network and increased the maximum allowed value from 32 Mbps to 64 Mbps.
  • Warning messages when deleting associated Volume Backups when deleting Volumes.


  • Issue where browser is not properly redirected to the custom frame_logout_url value (configured with Launch Links) if the user closes their session via the Gear Menu.
  • Issue where the Persistent Desktop Capacity documentation link references the incorrect documentation.
  • Additional usability fixes.

Frame Gateway 9.31.0


  • Reliability fixes.