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Frame Platform 24-06-30

Frame Console 4.11.0


  • New Session page replaces Audit Trail > Session Trail. Admins can now view all sessions (active and past) on the new page, available in both the Admin Console and Dashboard. Relevant session information has also been enhanced. (FRAME-1368)

  • Support for custom Resource Tags on a per-Cloud Account basis. Admins can now add and manage custom tags under Cloud Account > Advanced settings, which will be added to all resources created within that Cloud Account. (FRAME-463, FRAME-976)

  • Support for custom Cloud VM Prefix on a per-Cloud Account basis. Admins can now specify a custom naming prefix under Cloud Account > Advanced settings, which will serve as the default prefix for all VMs created within that Cloud Account. This can be overwritten at the Account level.

  • [Tech Preview] New Updates page within Account Dashboard which shows OS and Frame updates that are available for VMs within the Account (applicable to Sandbox, Utility Servers, and Persistent Desktops). Available updates are refreshed when VM is powered on. Please open a support case to enable this feature.

  • General UI and branding improvements.


  • Issue where the Change Instance Type option for Utility Servers was disabled. (FRAME-1367)

  • Issue where cloning from source accounts with more than one Utility Server would sometimes fail.

Frame Terminal 6.42.0


  • Session logging enhancements. Client browser name, version, and OS information are now logged and sent upon session initiation and available within the Sessions page. (FRAME-1255)
  • Improved readability of Frame SSO error messages. (FRAME-1333)

Frame Gateway 11.12.0


  • Support for custom VM prefixes and resource tags on a per-Cloud Account basis.
  • New notification in Notification Center when Account termination fails due to resources existing in the VPC (that the Account is deployed to) that are not managed by Frame and cannot be deleted. Notification lists the specific resources preventing termination.


  • Issue where Frame will import and display the same BYO VPC multiple times.
  • Issues with importing and selecting proper subnets within same BYO VPC.
  • Reliability fixes.