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Frame Agent 22-02-01


  • Diagnostics and reporting in SGA environment for better troubleshooting of networking issues.

  • Improvements to reporting FGA error messages to Frame Terminal.

  • Improvements to Advanced USB support.

  • Support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

  • Support for users on Linux accounts to log out and log in during Frame session.


  • Stream freeze on Firefox Nightly v96.0a1.

  • Application onboarding issues for some customers.

  • Unintended keyboard layout changes from ENG to UNI when opening Windows cmd.exe in a Frame session.

  • Frame session crashes caused when opening web pages in an onboarded Web browser using App Mode v1 that contains Japanese or Hindi language.

  • App Mode v2 UI issues caused by changes to display scaling settings.

  • App Mode v2 issues where Frame Taskbar was not visible for slow virtual machines.