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Frame Platform 22-05-26

Frame Console 3.31.0


  • Support for creation of multiple Instance Pools of the same instance type within the same Frame Account (non-persistent only) within Dashboard > Capacity settings.

  • Ability to assign a custom name for each Instance Pool within Dashboard > Capacity settings.

  • Ability for Frame administrator to clone an Account Sandbox image to multiple destination Frame Accounts in a single operation, as well as initiate a Publish once the cloning process is complete on the destination Accounts.

  • Option in Launchpad under the user drop-down menu to navigate directly to the Admin Console (for users with appropriate permissions).


  • Issue with restoring Persistent Desktops backups from user-created backups.

  • Issue with Capacity configuration changes not saving properly when a Frame administrator navigates to another page.

  • Issue where scrolling through the list of users when reassigning a persistent desktop triggers a reload of the page.

  • Issue preventing Frame administrator from navigating through all pasted email addresses once inserted into the Frame Identity provider “Invite Users” dialog window.

  • Issue where the Installed Software table only shows a limited number of entries.

  • Issue where Installed Software table header shifts when performing a search.

  • Renaming Disk Type column to Volume Type for Volume Backups.

  • Additional reliability fixes.

Frame Gateway 9.6.0


  • Removed ability to create new Frame accounts using FGA7 (MF2Service).

  • Removed ability to create Workload Cloud Connector Appliances (WCCA) required for FGA7.


  • Issue where Frame Platform was creating “quarantine” security groups for AD domain join-related operations.

  • Additional reliability fixes.


The Frame Terminal hotfix below was applied on 22-05-31.

Frame Terminal 6.14.1


  • Issue where Frame session is unable to start due to Advanced Terminal Argument values being separated using commas and/or line breaks.

  • Issue where changing the mouse mode setting applies only to the primary display and does not apply to secondary displays.

  • Additional reliability fixes.