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Frame Agent 22-06-06

Frame Guest Agent


  • Notification when a session is using a Frame Cloud Storage Connector (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and/or OneDrive) as support for these connectors is approaching EOL. Please see this announcement for more details.

  • Notification when Windows Folder Redirection and/or Roaming Folder is configured that may prevent Frame Enterprise Profiles from mounting properly.

  • Migrating certain system scripts logic to tasks within FGA Playbook.

  • Upgrading .NET Core to version 3.1.25.


  • Issue with FRP8 (WebRTC) sessions not starting on Linux workload VMs due to FGA not properly passing Signaling and STUN server parameters to Frame Server.

  • Issue where Frame Volumes (Frame Enterprise Profile or Personal Drive) are not unmounted from the Windows OS before the session is closed, which could result in the Volume becoming stuck in a “Detaching” state for an extended period. Applies only to AWS workload VMs.

  • Issue where Windows LogonUI prevents Frame Credential Provider (FCP) from receiving updated credentials when the local Frame user password has expired, which results in the VM rebooting.

  • Additional reliability fixes.