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Cloud Storage Connectors End-of-Life Announcement


We are officially announcing the End-of-Life of the Frame cloud storage connectors for Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

These Frame-specific connectors were developed at a time when the leading cloud storage providers did not offer their own non-syncing clients. This meant that if native cloud storage clients were used with non-persistent Frame VMs, performance and user experience would suffer because the clients would attempt to sync all files at the start of every session. The Frame connectors were developed to only sync files as required on-demand.

Over the past few years, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive have all added features to properly support the use of non-persistent VMs with their own native non-syncing clients. As a result, most Frame customers have switched to using these native clients in order to leverage all of the latest features and performance enhancements that are directly supported by the cloud storage providers.

Effective April 18, 2022 the option to enable the Frame cloud storage connectors for any new Frame accounts, as well as any existing Frame accounts where the connectors are not enabled, will be removed from Dashboard > Settings > Session > Storage.

Frame Cloud Storage ConnectorEOL Date
Google Drive07/31/2022

For customers currently using these connectors, the official EOL dates are as follows. Once the EOL date is reached, these connectors will no longer be supported and may not function as intended. Customers should begin the process of migrating to vendor-native clients as soon as possible. See the following documentation to learn more about how to properly integrate vendor-native clients with Frame:


If you disable a cloud storage connector that is currently enabled and save that configuration (within Dashboard > Settings > Session > Storage), you will lose the option to re-enable the connector.

More information regarding EOL dates for Frame features and components can be found here.