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Frame Platform 22-04-17

Frame Console 3.28


  • Frame Admin API List Active Sessions endpoint includes user_email in the response.

  • Ability for Frame administrators to select and delete multiple user volume disks (enterprise profiles and personal drives) and backups at the same time in the Volumes page.


  • Corrected the Terminate server description depending on whether the workload VM is a non-persistent or persistent VM.

  • Additional reliability fixes.

  • Removed built-in cloud storage connector toggles from the Frame console for all new accounts, or existing accounts with these toggles previously disabled. Please see our Official EOL announcement for Frame’s Cloud Storage connectors.

Frame Gateway 9.3.0

  • Tag each provisioned VM in a pool with the ID number of the pool.


  • User volume deletion will complete successfully when the underlying volume is not found in the underlying infrastructure.

  • Post-session user volume backups display the user’s email address.

  • Under specific situations, a customer-managed VPC (AWS and GCP) or VLAN (AHV) security groups and/or subnets could be deleted when a Frame account is reconfigured for a different subnet.

  • A race condition where Frame Gateway will reboot a workload VM due to high network latency between Frame Gateway and Frame Guest Agent.

  • Additional reliability fixes.