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Frame Agent 22-04-07

Frame Agent


  • Windows Sysprep is now executed as the Windows SYSTEM user when publishing in a domain-joined Frame account.

  • Reduced the number of workload VM reboots required of production pool instances during the publish process.

  • When a Frame session is started, Frame verifies if the Frame user password is expired before attempting to login.

  • Recognize additional Active Directory (AD)-specific error codes 2239 (The specified account has expired), 2697 (The specified computer account could not be found), and 9560 (DNS name contains an invalid character) that might occur when VMs are joined to the customer’s Windows domain.

  • Ability to determine and report the actual Windows AD domain controller used when a workload VM is joined to the customer’s Windows domain.

  • Network Status event for FRP8 sessions to log detected changes in network connection status.


  • FrameVM.Setup.exe no longer requires .NET Core.

  • All Frame-specific Windows environment variables now have a prefix of FRAME_ (previous environment variables are still available and not yet deprecated).

  • Issue with scripts not executing when script filename contains spaces.

  • Expand system volume jobs are now executed as a FGA playbook task.

  • Additional reliability fixes.

Frame Server


  • FRP8 now supported on Linux workload VMs (WebRTC UDP-basesd transport, webcam support, audio redirection, and file upload/download features).

  • YUV444 and lossless encoding (latter requires forceLosslessVideoQuality Advanced Terminal Argument) is now supported with FRP8 with Chromium-based browsers (requires Chrome 100 or greater).

  • New Windows environment variable (FRAME_SESSION_INFO) that indicates whether YUV420 or YUV444 chroma subsampling is in use for the session.

  • Additional Frame-specific performance counters.

  • Additional event logging for App Mode 2.0.

  • Advanced Server Argument -trailingFramesNumber=<number of trailing frames> to override the default number of trailing frames (2 with CPU encoding, 8 with GPU encoding).


  • Resuming a session on a different browser fails if two or more displays were being used in the session.

  • File upload issue using FRP8 with Chrome 98 or greater.

  • Issue with onboarding apps that have non-ASCII/Unicode names.

  • Issue where setting the max frames per second (fps) session setting applies only to the primary display. Secondary displays were set to 60 fps.

  • Issue with printing to Frame Printer on Linux workload VMs

  • Additional reliability fixes.