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Frame Platform 22-03-31

Frame Console


  • Administrators are warned that a change to the CIDR for a Frame-managed VPC/VNET will incur downtime since the VPC/VNET and workload VMs must be recreated with the new CIDR.

  • Administrators can now specify more than one Active Capacity day/time period for an instance pool.

  • In Dashboard > Analytics, administrators can set the search criteria for time periods up to the maximum data availability time, as defined by the Frame Data Availability Policy.


  • Persistent desktop backups were displayed with incorrect timestamps.

  • Only IPv4 IP addresses are to be listed in the Enable RDP Debug mode dialog window.

  • When cloning a Frame account Sandbox to a destination Frame account, the list of the Frame accounts only includes those Frame accounts in the same cloud account and having the same operating system as the source Frame account Sandbox.

  • The master_image_id field is now optional for the Frame Admin API endpoint POST /accounts/.

  • Dashboard only shows the persistent desktop backups for the specified user when the administrator scrolls through the list of backups.

  • In Dashboard > Servers, the VM Kind value Test will be listed for those workload VMs belonging to a Test pool.

  • Frame will display the Unauthorized User message and a link to the Billing Portal when the My Nutanix user does not have a valid Frame user role in Frame Platform.

  • Under Profile > Notification Center > Subscriptions, the user can unsubscribe to notifications for a specific Frame entity.

  • Task page shows the correct duration while the task is in progress.

  • Additional reliability fixes.


  • Ability for individual users to initiate a persistent desktop backup (administrators can manually backup individual persistent desktops and schedule persistent desktop backups).

Frame Gateway


  • For AHV, enterprise profile disks and personal drives will be backed up using production domain snapshots, rather than through the cloning of volume groups.


  • For AWS, when cloning a Sandbox of a given image family to a destination Frame account, the source Sandbox image will replace the destination Frame account Sandbox image. The destination Sandbox base image family value will remain the same as prior to the clone operation.

  • Instance type can be changed for utility servers on Azure.

  • Additional reliability fixes.

Frame Terminal 6.12


  • For FRP8, Frame Terminal will include the TCP ICE candidate if Frame Terminal detects it has a public IP address.

  • Support for Oculus browser (Early Access).

  • Advanced Terminal Argument channelFileChunkSizeBytes to specify the FRP8 upload chunk size when uploading files from Frame Terminal to the workload VM. This feature can be used for users with low bandwidth, higher latency networks who experience input keyboard/mouse lag.