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Data Availability

Frame Account data in terms of analytics, logs, reports, and notifications is available in Frame Dashboard for a set period of time based on the table below. If customers need to preserve any data beyond the availability periods noted below, certain data can be saved by downloading and saving via the Download CSV or Download Report buttons in Dashboard or via our Admin API.

Customers wishing to leverage Frame Admin API to export their data can learn more by reading our official blog article.

Account DataAvailabilityDownloadable CSV/ReportAdmin API
Sessions12 Months *
Usage12 Months *
Disk Usage12 Months *
Elasticity3 Months
User Activity12 Months
Session ReportsNo Limit *
Audit Trail24 Months
Session Trail2 Months
Session Logs1 Month
Tasks12 Months
Notifications12 Months
  • Data will remain available until Frame Account is terminated.

The availability periods above are subject to change. Any data that needs to be preserved should be downloaded on a regular basis.