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Many enterprises and organizations rely on Microsoft Active Directory (AD) for provisioning user accounts, applying security policies to operating systems, and enabling access to applications. In classic on-premises environments, Windows operating systems are “joined to the (AD) domain” in order to enable these functions. Frame allows administrators to join their workload VMs to their Active Directory domain. This allows their users to log in to a Windows machine using their own AD credentials. Since the Windows operating system is joined to the customer's domain, the user can use Windows applications that rely on AD for access, authentication and authorization, such as SAP apps. If the IT managers joins the Sandbox to the domain, they can use their existing app packages, app tools, and deployment processes to install, run, and manage their organization's applications on Frame.

Microsoft also supports the ability for customers to register their devices with Microsoft Entra, formerly known as Azure Active Directory. With Microsoft Entra joined devices, the devices do not use an on-premises or "classic" Active Directory (AD) environment. Instead, they are joined to the company's Microsoft Entra ID tenant. This option is primarily designed for Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices.

Lastly, Microsoft provides customers with the ability to join their devices to Microsoft Entra and have their devices joined to a classic AD environment. This is known as a Microsoft Entra hybrid joined device environment. Frame currently does not support Microsoft Entra hybrid joined devices.

Domain Joined Instances

Frame supports classic AD joined devices with the Classic option of the Domain Join Instances (DJI) feature. Use of the Domain Join feature requires the use of your own public cloud account or AHV cluster ("Bring Your Own (BYO) Infrastructure"). Before configuring your AD Domain for use with Frame, you will need to set up your BYO infrastructure as described in the BYO Infrastructure section of our documentation.

To learn more about the prerequisites and how to prepare, configure, and manage your Frame Account for Classic Domain Join Instances, begin with the Domain Preparation guide.

Entra Joined Devices Early Access

Frame supports Microsoft Entra joined devices with the Entra ID option of the Domain Join Instances (DJI) feature.

To learn more about the prerequisites and how to prepare, configure, and manage your Frame Account for Entra Joined Devices, review the Entra Joined Devices guide.