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Frame Platform 22-08-04

Frame Console 3.36.0


  • Show template image name used to create Account Sandbox within Dashboard > Summary > Account Details for customers using bring your own (BYO) image.

  • Ability to configure a Scheduled Backup Interval for any backup within Frame up to 30 days.

  • Validation to prevent administrators from setting Machine Name Prefix to an empty string.

  • Ability to manage backups via Frame Admin API.

  • Parameter backup_id as part of Frame Admin API response when publishing Sandbox.

  • Notification when a new version of Frame Console is released and the user has an existing browser tab(s) open to the Frame Console. The notification will appear within Launchpad, Dashboard, and Admin Console, but not within Frame sessions. Users will be prompted to reload Frame Console.


  • Issue where a Sandbox backup is not removed from the list of available backups when it is deleted until the administrator refreshes their browser.

  • Issue where initiating reboot of Sandbox via Frame Admin API would fail.

  • Issue where Start Time is not shown in UTC format within active_sessions and recent_sessions Frame Admin API endpoints.

  • Issue where User is not shown (only User UUID) within recent_sessions Frame Admin API endpoint.

  • Additional reliability fixes.

Frame Gateway 9.11.0


  • Return template image name used to create Account Sandbox as part of Frame Admin API response for the Account.

  • Ability to list subnets on a per Cloud Account basis.


  • Additional reliability fixes.