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Frame Agent 22-07-26

Frame Agent


  • Ensuring that inbound tcp/4503-4509 is allowed within Windows Defender Firewall (in addition to udp/4503-4509) for FRP8 support.

  • Ability to increase Sysprep timeout within Frame Guest Agent (FGA) Playbook.

  • Ability for Frame Credential Provider (FCP) to retry Windows user login if first attempt fails.


  • Issue setting Frame user environment variables within Linux instances.

  • Additional reliability fixes.

Frame Server


  • Binary input channel support with FRP8 to optimize HID input operations.

  • Specific logging for webcams.


  • Issue where Frame Server (mf2server.exe) would crash when a user attempts to copy a text string that exceeds 256KB in size.

  • Issue where “Access Denied” error occurred when attempting to change the display resolution of the Frame session and the workload VM OS is unable to set the new resolution within a certain amount of time (added retry logic).

  • Additional reliability fixes.

New Features Now Available in Tech Preview!

  • Frame SSO for Windows Active Directory Domain-Joined Instances.

  • Support for Linux Active Directory Domain-Joined Instances (via LDAP).


To enable any of these Tech Preview features for your Frame account, please create a support case.