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Frame Platform 23-01-12

Frame Console 3.47.0


  • New Maintenance Mode when enabled, prevents users from starting new sessions on an Account. Users will see a message in Launchpad indicating that the Account is under maintenance. Administrators are still able to start sessions to Sandbox and Utility Servers when Maintenance Mode is enabled.

  • During session start process, users will be shown detailed progress messages.

  • Administrators can now Cancel an ongoing Publish from Notification Center.

  • Frame documentation integration with Dashboard and Admin Console. Administrators are now able to to view relevant documentation (hosted on directly within Dashboard and Admin Console by clicking on the new Docs icon next to relevant terms, features, and configurations. Removed:

  • The Quick Launch feature is now officially deprecated.


  • Issue where an administrator could power on the Sandbox and attempt to perform a Manual Backup while the Sandbox is being published.
  • Issue where Sandbox page would fail to load if there are no VMs in the production pool (insufficient resources to provision a VM).
  • Issue with Notification Center where sorting a selected table by Column Name would return invalid results.
  • Cosmetic and reliability fixes.

Frame Gateway 9.23.1


  • Reliability fixes.