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Frame Platform 23-02-09

Frame Console 3.49.0


  • [Early Access] Frame Single Sign-On (SSO) is now available in Early Access (requires Frame Server and FGA and higher) for Active Directory domain-joined Accounts. Administrators can enable the feature on a per Account basis via Dashboard > Settings > Domain Settings > Frame SSO. Please see our Frame SSO documentation to learn more about this feature.

  • The following Account settings and actions are now available within Dashboard > Settings:

    • Basic Info
    • Scheduled Termination
    • Terminate
  • Redesigned Dashboard user dropdown menu (upper-right corner) now includes an icon (checkmark) that indicates which Account the administrator is actively viewing as well as a button (rocket) that allows admins to go directly to the primary (leftmost) Launchpad configured for an Account.

  • [Admin API] New endpoint to retrieve list of user Volumes.

  • [Admin API] New endpoint to bulk delete user Volumes.


  • Cosmetic and reliability fixes.

Frame Terminal 6.26.0


  • Support for parallel mouse inputs. For example, when a user clicks and holds down the middle mouse button and then clicks the left mouse button, Frame will now be able to register the left mouse click. Previously, the left mouse click would not be registered within the Frame session until the user releases the middle mouse button.

  • Added Early Access label next to Manage Displays (enhanced browser multi-monitor feature) button within Frame Gear Menu when using Chrome and Edge (Chromium) browsers.


  • Auto-layout prompt on session start for enhanced browser multi-monitor feature. This will be re-added once this feature becomes GA.


  • Reliability fixes.

Frame Gateway 9.26.0


  • udp/3389 will now be enabled in addition to tcp/3389 for RDP access when RDP Debug is enabled. Removed:

  • [Azure] tcp/8888 will no longer be enabled for auto-deployed SGAs.


  • [FRP8] Frame workload VMs will no longer attempt to connect to when the workload VMs are deployed on a private network. SGA VMs continue to require outbound udp/3478 access to

  • [Azure] Enforce TLS 1.2 as the minimum TLS version for Azure storage accounts used for Frame.