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Streaming Gateway Appliance 3.5.0


  • Support for two separate configuration sources: external and local. Local configuration mechanism allows updating SGA configuration (e.g., certificates, CIDR ranges, etc.) without re-deploying SGA. Configuration and sources are managed using the command-line utility sga_config:
    • sga_config set and paste SGA configuration YAML when prompted to set/update local configuration
    • sga_config source local and sga_config source external to switch to desired configuration source
    • sga_config apply at any time to apply configuration from the selected source
    • sga_config show to display configuration
  • Support for password-based authentication for SSH enabled by default on non-public cloud SGA images (AHV and ESXi).

  • SGA Management Console data export page now supports exporting of ZIP archives that contains all relevant diagnostic information available on the dashboard (graphs, logs, and tools output).


  • Invalid local DNS resolver configuration no longer causes the SGA Management Console's status page to crash. Error message will also be displayed in the appropriate section of the status page.

  • Security fixes.