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Frame Platform 23-01-26

Frame Console 3.48.0


  • New session start splash screen displayed via Frame Console (Launchpad).
  • Support for custom Account Maintenance Mode messages.

Frame Terminal 6.25.0


  • [Early Access] New enhanced browser multi-monitor support (physical monitor layout detection) when accessing Frame sessions via Chrome and Edge (Chromium). Requires Chrome/Chromium version 100 or higher.


  • Session start splash screen displayed via Frame Terminal.


  • Reliability fixes.

Frame Gateway 9.24.0


  • When the local Frame user becomes disabled on domain-joined instances, the login of the local Frame user will now be automatically skipped.


  • [Azure] Issue where restoring Sandbox from backup may fail.

  • Issue where the Instance Type for an Instance Pool can not be changed if there are no resources/quota available for the current Instance Type.

  • [AHV] Issue where an Instance Type used by persistent desktops can not be deleted even though there are no persistent desktop VMs currently using that particular Instance Type.

  • Additional reliability fixes.