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Frame Platform 23-03-23

Frame Console 3.52.2


  • New session setting (Settings > Session > Features) to enable support for 4K displays on CPU-only instance types. This feature is enabled by default for newly created Frame accounts. The Advanced Server Argument -enable4KOnCPUDisplays (which was previously used to enable this functionality) is now deprecated.

  • Ability to clear all tasks in the Tasks dropdown menu and mark all as read in Notifications dropdown menu.

  • Prevent My Nutanix authentication from being disabled within Users > Authentication once it is enabled for your Frame tenant.


  • Under Settings > Domain Settings, the DNS Servers field is now optional. If no DNS servers are specified, the workload VMs will fallback to the DNS servers provided via DHCP.

  • Issue where filtering for notifications by Internal Error type would return an empty set of results within Notification Center > Notifications.

  • The Account name associated with a specific Task or Notification is now truncated if it’s too long within the Tasks and Notifications dropdown menus.

  • Issue where the list of available volumes within the Volumes page did not automatically update after one or more volumes were deleted unless the page was manually refreshed.

Frame Terminal 6.28.0


  • If the Allow Users to Change These Settings (Settings > Session > Network) is enabled, the Stream tab is now automatically shown within Frame Gear Menu > Settings. The Advanced Terminal Argument enableStreamSettings (which was previously used to show the tab) is now deprecated.


  • Automatically disable server-side mouse cursor rendering option (for 3D mouse use cases) when the instance hosting the session does not have a GPU.

  • Additional reliability fixes.

Frame Gateway 9.29.0


  • Automatic recovery for VMs that are in a problem state after attempting to start. Frame will now attempt to start a VM up to three times. If a VM is unable to start after three attempts, the VM will be automatically terminated and a new VM will be provisioned.

  • New warning to Notification Center when a Windows Active Directory domain-joined workload VM is unable to join to the customer’s domain due to invalid AD service account credentials.

  • Validation to ensure that a Sandbox is not Azure AD-joined before starting the publish process, due to a Microsoft Sysprep limitation.


  • Reliability fixes.