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Frame Platform 24-02-22

Frame Console 4.6.0


  • Dizzion Status Page is now accessible through a link featured on all Frame Dashboards.
  • New session field sga_version is provided to Frame Terminal to delineate SGA version being used for the session.


  • Fixed an issue where cloning an account Sandbox with FRP8 enabled to an account without FRP8 enabled resulted in an error, causing the destination account to incorrectly behave as if FRP8 was enabled without the session settings reflecting this change.
  • Fixed an issue where automatic User Volume backups were failing to initiate for some Accounts.
  • Fixed an issue where text entered into the search bar of the Volumes tab would also populate in the search bar under the user name in the Frame Console.
  • Additional reliability fixes.

Frame Terminal 6.40.2


  • Removed Early Access badging from display management window in Frame Terminal.

Frame Gateway 11.6.0


  • Fixed an issue where not all session reports were being properly generated for some Accounts.
  • Additional reliability fixes.