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Frame Platform 24-03-14

Frame Console 4.7.0


  • Max Session Duration timeout is now an optional setting and can now be enabled or disabled. When enabled, administrators can set a maximum duration for sessions, after which the sessions will automatically close. By default, this feature is disabled for all new Accounts. This timeout will remain enabled and configured for existing Accounts.

  • Administrators resetting their Sandbox master image with a Frame-provided image will now see additional details in the master image selection dropdown menu.

  • When creating a Utility Server with BYO Image, the dropdown now provides more detailed information about the master images for easier selection.

  • For Accounts that were upgraded from Frame Server 8.x to 9.x, Camera and USB Redirection session features can now be enabled even if FRP8 toggle is not enabled.

  • The option to add users to the local Windows Administrators Group, previously available only in persistent desktop domain-joined Accounts, is now extended to non-persistent domain-joined Accounts. When this setting is disabled, do not have local administrator permissions within Windows on production instances.

  • Administrators now have additional options when disabling Enterprise Profiles or Personal Drives. Admins will now be presented with options to retain or delete existing backups and decide if new backups should be created for existing profiles and/or personal drives.

  • [Admin API] New endpoints provide the ability to retrieve details for the following account-level settings:

    • availability_zones
    • user_volumes_settings
    • domain_join_settings
    • general_settings
    • session_settings
    • upgrade_groups
  • [Admin API] New endpoints provide the ability to modify the following account-level settings:

    • update_enterprise_profiles
    • update_personal_drives
    • disable_enterprise_profiles
    • disable_personal_drives
    • update_domain_join_settings
    • update_general_settings
    • update_session_settings


  • Issue when attempting to sort Backups table within Volumes page.

  • Issue where Sandbox Status may show it’s in a Publishing state, when the Publish is already Complete.

  • [Admin API] Issue where querying recent sessions would sometimes fail.

  • [Admin API] Issue that would sometimes cause account creation to fail.

Frame Terminal 6.41.0


  • [Early Access] VM hibernation support is now available for persistent desktop Accounts deployed on AWS and Azure.


    We previously added the ability to suspend persistent desktop VMs for Accounts deployed in GCP. For consistency, the term Suspend is also used within Frame in the context of VM hibernation in AWS and Azure.

    Prerequisites and Limitations:

    • Only Frame persistent desktops with an active session can be suspended.
    • GPU-enabled instances cannot be suspended.


    • VMs with more than 16GB RAM cannot be suspended.
    • Only Windows Server 2022 instances can be suspended.
    • For a full list of up-to-date prerequisites, please see official AWS documentation.


    • Hibernation feature must be enabled within Azure Portal.
    • VMs exceeding 32GB RAM cannot be suspended. For a full list of up-to-date prerequisites, please see official Azure documentation.

Frame Gateway 11.7.0


  • Gateway now informs Console if a particular session can be suspended.
  • VMs where Debug Mode is enabled are now treated the same as if there’s an active session in terms of session time limits.


  • Issue where enabling Debug Mode on Linux VMs did not open TCP Port 22 for SSH access.