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Frame App 7.4 (GA)

We are pleased to announce that Frame App 7 is now officially Generally Available with our 7.4 release. Customers can download the latest Frame App 7 version from our downloads page.


  • Upgraded to Electron version 28.2.7.
  • Integrated with Chromium version 120.
  • Users may now navigate to View > Show GPU Internals to see an in-depth GPU hardware acceleration report.
  • Frame App can now be configured to start both the application and sessions in full screen mode (a.k.a. "kiosk mode").
  • Hardware acceleration can now be disabled via toggle in the Frame > Preferences menu.


  • [Windows and Linux] Issue where keyboard input was not correctly refocusing on the Frame App window after switching between local desktops using CTRL + Windows Key + Arrow or Ctrl + Alt + Arrow (Linux).
  • Additional reliability and optimization fixes.

Known Limitations:

  • USB mass storage devices are not supported with Generic USB Redirection. Please use the Upload / Download feature.
  • USB devices that require isochronous data transfers are not supported with Generic USB Redirection.
  • [Linux] Auto-update feature is disabled by design for Linux endpoints.