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New and Improved Launchpad Experience!

We are excited to announce that starting with our upcoming Frame platform release on April 21, 2024, we will begin to roll out our newly redesigned Launchpad experience to an initial subset of customers. We expect to fully roll out the new Launchpad to all remaining customers as part of our scheduled platform release on May 12, 2024.

Current Desktop Launchpad

Current Desktop Launchpad experience.

New Desktop Launchpad

New Desktop Launchpad experience.

Current Application Launchpad

Current Application Launchpad experience.

New Application Launchpad

New Application Launchpad experience.

Beyond the new look and feel, the process for searching and switching between Launchpads (for those with access to multiple) has been enhanced. The original white square icon placed near the top-middle has been replaced with a new Launchpad icon in the bottom-left portion of the screen. Clicking on the icon brings up a new pop-up menu, providing a more intuitive user experience.

Current Application Launchpad

Users will click on the new Launchpad icon in the bottom-left.

New Application Launchpad

New pop-up menu for searching and switching Launchpads.

Can I try the new Launchpad experience in advance?

Yes! If you would like to try the new Launchpad experience ahead of the full release, you can manually change any existing Launchpad URL and prepend new- in front of launchpad within the URL.

For example:

  • Current Launchpad Experience:

  • New Launchpad Experience:


Feedback is always welcome!

We hope you and your users enjoy our new and improved Launchpad experience as much as we are! If you have any feedback, please feel free to share with your Dizzion Customer Success Manager.