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Operating Systems and Applications

The table below lists which operating systems you may use with the Frame platform, including licensing and image requirements based on infrastructure.

Operating SystemAHVAWSAzureGCP
Windows 10 *12
Windows 1112
Windows Server 20161333
Windows Server 20191333
Windows Server 20221333
Ubuntu 20.041

* Frame supports Windows 10 releases that have not yet met their official end of service date.


Customers are responsible for applying operating system security updates to their accounts.

Administrators are responsible for managing operating system and application updates for their accounts. As a best practice, administrators should ensure OS updates are compatible with any applications before installing them. Admins may choose to configure automatic updates or apply them manually. Similarly, this concept applies to configuring updates for any applications you have installed. Many Frame customers find that it's beneficial to have a separate Frame account for testing major system configuration changes.

We also recommend testing any application and OS updates in the Sandbox environment and/or test pool before publishing to the production pool (or promoting a test publish to production). Any OS/application updates applied to the Sandbox will require a publish to propagate those changes to the test and production pools. If you find that a new update has caused an issue, you can roll back to an older version of the application/OS and republish or restore from a Sandbox backup and republish.

  1. Must provide your own OS licenses and image for AHV.
  2. OS license included in pay-as-you-go hourly cost.
  3. Must provide your own OS licenses for Azure.