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Frame Platform 22-03-03

Frame Console


  • New Frame Admin API endpoint for retrieving Launchpad information (/accounts/{account_id}/launchpads).

  • New Frame Admin API endpoint for onboarding an application (/accounts/{account_id}/onboard_app).

  • Display a warning message to administrators and Launchpad users if the user’s Frame Dashboard or Launchpad cannot reach Frame Platform.

  • Added YUV444 in Session Settings > Network. YUV444 supported in FRP 7 (all supported Chromium versions and Frame App versions, FGA 8 only) and FRP 8 (requires Chromium version 100 or greater and Frame App 6.5 or greater, FGA 8.4 or greater).


  • Unable to change the setting for “Keep running instances for new users” for persistent desktops.

  • Clear the search conditions when the administrator clicks on the Customers menu item and display the list of all customers.

  • Clear the search conditions when the administrator clicks on the Organizations menu item and display the list of all organizations.

  • Customer administrators now have read-only permissions to the Advanced settings page under Customer > Update.

  • Additional reliability fixes.


  • In Session Settings > Network, settings for maxBandwidth, QoS rate change, maxAudioBitrate, and Grayscale are removed.

Frame Gateway


  • Support for AWS IMDSv2 at a Cloud Account level when AWS workload VMs with Frame Guest Agent (FGA) 8.3.3 or higher are provisioned.


  • Reliability fixes and performance optimizations.

Frame App 6.10


  • Support in Frame App for Linux for generic USB redirection.

  • Moved Preferences screen to the Frame menu.

  • Ability for users to check for new versions manually via Frame App Menu.

  • Launchpad user is warned if the scaling factor of the user’s display cannot be used by the Frame Guest Agent.

  • Frame App update window no longer appears automatically when a new version of Frame App is available. Instead, a new update indicator will appear next to the Frame Gear icon and within the Frame Gear menu when new version is available. Optionally, administrators can configure their Frame account using the Advanced Terminal Argument appAutoUpdateNotification so that the Frame App update indicator will only display if a user’s Frame App version is greater than 6.5 and more than 1 year old (this is the default behavior for Frame App for Linux).

  • Centralized configuration for Frame App for Linux and Frame App for macOS.

  • Ability for customer administrator to set the value of specific preferences for Frame App for Windows, while leaving other preferences configurable by the user.


  • Additional reliability fixes.

Frame Terminal 6.10


  • Launchpad user is warned if the requested display resolution for a monitor cannot be used.

  • Improved clarity of Frame Terminal codes and user messages (requires FGA 8).

  • While in a Frame session, the end user can see Gear menu > Settings > Stream tab if enableStreamSettings is added as an Advanced Terminal Argument.


  • Improved handling of situations where “Checking session state” message is displayed to Launchpad users when in FRP8 sessions.

  • Issue where copy and paste of text from/to user’s endpoint to/from Frame workload VM results in incorrect characters being pasted.


  • Under Gear menu > Settings, video preset, max audio bitrate, scale video, max video quantization, and QoS rate change are removed. YUV444 has been moved to Dashboard > Settings > Session and controlled by the Frame administrator.